About Us

The Zawda team developed its foundation in Mississauga, ON where they learned the basics of lead-based acquisitions and developed effective training systems. When an exciting opportunity to represent the client in a brand new market in Sudbury, ON arose – the team decided to take their skills up North. The start-up team is dedicated to tripling in size by the end of 2017 to be the #1 vendor for its client and continue the expansion and growth plan.

Leadership Training

Our diligent leadership curriculum and management training program develops high performing producers. For our clients, this means a higher quality individual is servicing their customers.

People Development

The most valuable asset to our company is our people. We have created training programs to ensure ongoing education and mentoring, as well as networking and travel to meet the industry’s best and brightest.

Brand Recognition

Our team specializes in face to face Direct Marketing which means you get a highly trained, professional to represent your brand to existing and potential customers. We put a friendly face behind your brand.

Customer Acquisitions

From Business to Consumer, Business to Business and Retail – our team is well equipped to create, manage and produce leads to acquire more customers than an internal sales channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Since we are not the sole vendor for our client, we have a non-disclosure agreement and will review this information with potential clients and interested candidates during a scheduled meeting or interview. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to connect with the Management team if you are interested in representation or a career with Zawda.

A We are trained in Business to Consumer (Residential), Business to Business and Retail Direct Sales/Marketing campaigns. Our clients’ needs dictate the campaign we are building and training sales teams for. We do not, however, conduct inbound tele-sales or street promotions/brand ambassador blitz campaigns.

A Our leadership development programs require starting in an entry-level sales role which is based on a performance structure. This can range depending on the client and campaign you are assigned to; however, a combination of commissions and client bonuses determine the income at the beginning which is typically much higher than most entry-level positions on the market.

A Direct sales involve going directly to the customer – so in a Business to Consumer setting, this could be in a retail environment or a residential (single family or condominium) area. For any residential campaigns we manage, we are provided leads by our client – which allows us to meet with customers who we already have pre-existing information on which facilitates the initial meeting.